A team of young people led by Shyamax Presswala is doing a wonderful job in the fields that are mentioned in their website. Though I have used their services for mainly internet related programmes, as a senior citizen I find them very helpful and patient. I have also had them create a website for me and they did a great job.

Aparna Chawla

Max Solutions is a professional and incredibly competent provider of all things technology. I feel happier, safer and far more secure after having trusted them to be the digital vigilante for my house. Thanks for being awesome.

Parul Kakad

It is with great pleasure that I enthusiastically recommend Max Solutions to your company for all your technology related needs.

R Hiranandani
Lawyer – Hiranandani & Associates

Max Solutions was instrumental in assisting me with the establishment of my new business.  As a professional, my time is my livelihood and their quick and efficient responses to my questions and turnkey networking services allowed me to focus on my own bottom line.  I would highly recommend Max Solutions to small businesses and individuals alike.

Vishal Anand
Partner at Veritech

My Della properties at Dadar and Lonavla are extremely close to my heart. They are places where everything is absolutely state of the art. Including the security arrangements which have to be at the highest possible level. Max Solutions, a subsidiary of the Max Group of companies run under the leadership of Shyamax J Presswalla, is the perfect partner in my quest to make sure that my facilities are digitally secure with only the best equipment at all times. Their CCTV Cameras , Home & Office automation and three tire security services withstand the tests of weather and time and their expert service makes them a seamless security solution to outsource to. And what’s more, they aren’t only into digital security solutions. Max Concierge which is another offshoot of the Max Group brand is a pioneering concept capable of providing concierge services to demographics across the spectrum and across ages. Another wonderful asset to have to counter the basic chores of everyday life.

Jimmy Mistry
Chairman & Managing Director Della Groups

Since his days as a student , Shyamax  has always solved all my technology related issues whenever I needed outside assistance.  He is extremely knowledgeable about technology and does a great job at solving problems.  He is especially creative in finding solutions to issues and in doing so in the least expensive way.  He is very ethical and hard working.  What’s more, he is an extremely pleasant person with whom to work.  Without reservation, I highly recommend Shyamax & his team at Max Solutions to any and everyone.

Mrs Niloufer Daruwala

Max Solutions scores higher when it came to corporate values. The cultural fit between Max Solutions and Alchemy Capital Management Pvt Ltd is very high and that was the key advantage that Max Solutions has. We have very good executive management commitment from Max Solutions, which made us more confident with the engagement. So far, I don’t see any negative points. I only see positive things, and Max Solutions has acted accordingly to our expectations.

Director IT at Alchemy Management Capital

Here’s why Shyamax and his team with Max Solutions are on my A team here at work: I get prompt answers, in plain man’s English, to my IT support and technology related questions.I’m treated with respect, they really listen to me.

Mrs. R. Koz
Director, ASPL India

Having worked in various parts of the world prior to my India stint in the corporate world, I could relate the various international traits in Shyamax as a entrepreneur at a very young age which really impressed me at lot.

Dorota Ziolkowska
Fashion Designer