Libretta RodriguesLibretta Rodrigues

An art graduate by qualifications and known to Shyamax Presswalla since almost 15 years, joined Max Solutions in 2011 and since then has been looking after the administration of Max Group.

Ashutosh KunwarAshutosh Kunwar

Been with the group since day one ( 2011 ) and currently is the person in charge for overseeing the day to day operations of Max Solutions, be it Security Systems , Automation , Telecommunication , Electricals or any complaints & followups from clients.

UntitledNikita Jethani

Nikita Jethani after completing her Bachelors in Accounting and finance at H.R. College and then her Masters in Management at University College London in September 2015, joined the Max Group of companies as a Business Development Manager.

Rakesh Joshi

Office / Delivery boy for Max Concierge since June 2015.

Sinaiya PresswallaSinaiya Presswalla

Sinaiya helps out with the group marketing activities as and when time permits her to from her job where she is currently employed.

Sunil Bare

With over a decade in the electrical field, Sunil joined Max Group in November 2013 and currently independently handles the complete electrical work of the group and also doubles up as an engineer for CCTV , Sensor , Telecommunication setups & installation.

Shaziya Khan

Shaziya Khan

Having cleared her graduation in computer science in May 2015, Shaziya joined the Max Group as a Personnel Assistant to Shyamax Presswalla, with both Max Solutions & Max Concierge related businesses.

Khushroo Patel

A CA by profession, Khushroo in his spare time, doubles up as an accountant and tax adviser for Shyamax Presswalla in his personal capacity and with the accounts related to the group.

Free lancers who are associated with the group :

Ritesh Shah – Website Designer
Hector Kavarana – Content Writer
Faye Menezes – Interior Designer