1toweMax Group & I would like to thank every member of my team for their collaboration , support , friendship, contribution , phenomenal amount of effort and sacrifice , without which we would not be where we are today.

Particular credit is due to my Late grandfather Mr. Jal Gandhi who encouraged and helped me at every step of my business, both in good times and bad.

Special thanks to my parents Vicky Presswalla and Jehangir Presswalla for their countless sacrifices and blessings, my sister Sinaiya Presswalla who has always helped and been there for me right from childhood days. Special credit to my lovely dog Shaan – don’t know how many hair I would have left on my head if I did not have your comforting.

I have more than been supported by the involvement of my mentor and friend Jimmy Mistry who helped me kick start my career and achieve my entrepreneurship goals at a very early age.

I would also like to thank friends who have always in abundance provided their expertise , experience and support to me. – Kunal Panchmatia , Khushroo Patel , Shazaad Arjani , Hector Kavarana , Don Zarrar , Sikora , Prof Rebello and Prof Boman Moradian.