Bio Of Shyamax J Presswalla

Techno Geek, Master Facilitator, Quality Designer

Born to a Parsi family in 1986, Shyamax went on to complete his Masters in Commerce while also mastering an MBA in Human Resources. And while he is greatly qualified there is no formal training in anything related to IT, Concierge or Interior Design- the three core functions of the Max Group. However the passion, dedication and commitment to innovation and responsibility are his greatest assets in his journey to ‘get the job done’.

In 2011 Shyamax took his most organic step and gave up on a 9 to 5 desk job to become an entrepreneur. His vision to promote the ever evolving advancements in technology and service standards and bring to India these facets as an affordable avenue for everyone to enjoy.

  • Shyamax possesses a vibrant vision, a zest for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. All his works are done with passion, purpose, sensitivity and humility, thus strive to create unique, inspirational, and path breaking advancement that stand the test of time.
  • Shyamax’s versatility and talent has allowed him to take on various roles depending on the situation. The hunger for innovation and unsinkable passion for technology is fuelling inside me constantly to keep me thinking.
  • Shyamax has an uncanny ability to understand a client’s needs, strategize a strong conceptual plan of action and then disseminate that plan to internal or external teams. He has the analytical ability to enhance or optimize a product using best practices as well as personal and professional experience. Shyamax has managed small, medium and large multidisciplinary teams and has maximized the strengths and skills of each team member. In combination: his management acumen, his designing proficiency and his comfort with the worlds of technology, business and marketing makes Shyamax a rare and valued member to India. Shyamax a techno geek believes that hard work always pays.